Is It Possible to Play Xbox 360 Games on XBox One?

Playing Xbox One games is fun. However, what if you have Xbox 360 games to play on Xbox One? Will Xbox One play them or will they be now a waste?

Well, the good news is that your Xbox One console can play most of these games. Why? Did you know that the former console comes with the backward compatibility features? Yes, Microsoft has integrated them into this popular system so that most 360 games made for older consoles can now be played on this new console.

Thus, if you get a sudden urge to replay Gears of War or Batman but have given up with the old console by bringing in the Xbox One console, it is possible to fulfill it. A super admirable aspect of the Xbox console is that it is actually a blend of three consoles namely, the original Xbox, 360, and Xbox One itself.

For us, this is beneficial, as the achievements gained in Xbox 360 games are retained when they are played on the Xbox One console. To play any of these older games, you either insert its disc or download it digitally.

It is vital to note that the Xbox One S console of all-digital edition does not have the disc drive. In that case, you need to buy the game digitally. To play it digitally, log into your account and navigate to the My games & apps. Here, scroll to the right leaving aside all Xbox One games and look for your Xbox 360 game. Finally, click it to download and play. 

Interestingly, the older Xbox titles tend to appear as well as play better. For example, the game will render itself with better graphics look and will not have issues such as lagging. So, it is possible to enjoy older games on this new console.